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Exhibition & Display Equipment
promotional displays
Clever joining components are
moulded from clear materials so
as not to interfere with the graphic
Solus can also be used as a
double sided reusable easy to set
up demonstration display centre
for use in-store by a marketing
presenter when used at 906mm
Optional opening one side for
storage purposes
Also available with an attractive wood grain top and a mixture of body
panel and base in Black or White makes the simple, modern and
inexpensive Solus a very practical demonstration and promotional
Over the shoulder zipper black nylon carry bags for easy transportation
from demonstration to promotion are available for Solus and
Standalone as stock items
Solus Promotor
The Solus free standing display is based on the same design
principles as Standalone. More exciting is the ability to construct,
tool free, a two or three tower for use with all round graphics.
Carton size: 1075(w) x 940(d) x 70mm(h)
Max overall size:
1 Unit: 844(w) x 415(d) x 906mm(h)
2 units: 844(w) x 415(d) x 1808mm(h)
3 units: 844(w) x 415(d) x 2708mm(h)
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