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Exhibition & Display Equipment
promotional displays
Champion Promotor
The Champion is 1160mm high and 1240mm wide, is the
largest member of our family.This makes it very different
from all the other promotional display counters.
Carton size: 1250(w)x 625(d) x 215mm(h)
Counter height: 1160mm
Max overall size: 1240(w) x 375(d) x 2448mm(h)
Curved bar shaped, smooth, strong top
Full size ingeniously designed work surface 250mm below
the top
Additional shelf can be supplied providing extra storage
Body panel, like Classic Promotor, hinged in two
segments which allows body panel to fold even smaller
than Promotor Plus
Tailor-made black nylon carry bag available for simplicity
and ease of transportation
Champion Promotor has a header made from 3mm foam
board with self-adhesive hollow plastic fixings and it
reflects the top in it’s shape
Half depth smooth strong top and working area at
910mm high
Promotor Bonus uses all the same well proven
accessories as the other products in our range,
headers, poles, soft bags and a new style, simple to
assemble roof kit formed in 3mm foam board
Because of its height, separate working and
presentation levels Bonus is ideal for exhibitions,
receptions and promotions where coupon filling,
registration details etc have to be completed
Optional window available in the top of the front
allowing valuable or ‘untouchable’ objects to be
displayed is another choice of style
Even being one of the larger products in our range
the Bonus can be individually cartonned for ease of
handling and onward despatch to your clients
Promotor Bonus
The Bonus being the height of a Champion,
1160mm and width of a Popular 836mm, making
it unique from the rest of the family.
Carton size: 1220(w) x 870(d) x 76mm(h)
Counter height: 1160mm
Max overall size: 836(w) x 490(d) x 2218mm(h)
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