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Exhibition & Display Equipment
promotional displays
Second shelf option available
maximising storage.
Promotor Plus
The Plus is the second largest in our range of products,
with a total width of 1235mm
Carton size: 1295(w) x 675(d) x 135mm(h)
Counter height: 910mm
Max overall size: 1235(w) x 470(d) x 2213mm(h)
New standard reinforced top, giving extra strength when
Another design feature the lip on the top and bottom mouldings
enable the change of rigid graphics without dismantling the
Promotor Plus. Graphics can be printed onto a 2mm foam
board, and simply placed in a few seconds enabling the change
of message without disturbing the demonstration or sampling
in progress
Second optional shelf is available, being the most popular style,
maximising storage for demonstration purposes
Promotor Plus complete with it’s header, four piece steel pole
set, packs neatly into its own black carry bag, making it very
Robust easy to use round
tray fits all Promotor
Double sided header panel, made
from 3mm foam board easily slots
into the tops of the header poles
Poles and header can be located
at the front or the back of the unit,
simply change the shelf and top
moving the holes front to back or
the other way round
Popular Promotor, although larger
than the Classic and Original
Promotors when packed into
its black nylon carry bag, is easy
and practical to move from one
demonstration to another
Like the rest of its family Popular
Promotor is available without poles
header and bag, with no cost,
optional, no hole top to give it a
high quality finish
Popular Promotor
The Popular is designed with a flat front and rectangular shape
so graphics can be produced without a gap in the centre, a big
advantage in some designs.
Carton size: 1000(w) x 865(d) x 75mm(h)
Counter height: 910mm
Max overall size: 836(w) x 490(d) x 2200mm(h)
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