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Exhibition & Display Equipment
lumos illuminated displays
Linking Bases
Lumos bases can be linked together,
meaning that two illuminated uprights can
be powered by one transformer or battery.
Counter Top
The Lumos counter top is designed to
display products, literature or use with
a laptop or keyboard.
Lumos Counter
Designed as an alternative to traditional counters, podiums or
lecterns, the Lumos Counter is an ideal choice for any exhibition,
showroom or retail environment. Its lightweight easy to assemble
construction allows for interchangeable graphics which can be
illuminated either with a mains transformer or a rechargeable
battery, allowing wireless capability for over 8 hours
Lumos Double Tower
The Lumos Double Tower has all the unique functions that are
associated with the Lumos range but with double the impact. In
addition to the matt white, double weighted base and two, two-part
LED illuminated uprights it has the option of being powered from a
mains supply or rechargeable battery lasting over 6 hours.
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