Display Portfolio - page 48

Exhibition & Display Equipment
Apple USB cable passes through holder
support head, then down column tube
Apple USB charging cable concealed
within enclosure behind iPad before
exiting through centre hole
Apple USB cable connects to Apple
white adaptor, which in turn connects
to figure 8 power lead (supplied)
For secure locking of iPad enclosure
follow the instruction guide supplied
Alternatively lasso security cord to
nearby stationary object to prevent
removal of complete iPad display stand
1.8m premium quality enclosure lock
and cable with 2 keys
3m figure 8 power lead (supplied) exit
stand for connection to appropriate
power supply
Lasso security cord to appropriate
position on display stand. Not
recommended for iPad Column and
Podium stands
iPad, USB Cable and Power Adaptor not included
iPad display stands
Optional Enclosure Security Lock & Cable
Cable Management
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